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Over the past y…

Over the past year at Holy Cross, I have experience many great things. I have made many great friends and learned many things. My favorite grade out of all 10 years here was 8th grade. It also went by the fastest. My favorite thing from the past 2 years was going to DC. This year was my favorite because everyone was excited for graduation and everything went by fast. Most of the people in our class have been together since pre-school or kindergarten. Right now I am not very sad about graduating, but I think that it will be very sad at our graduation. I do not think I will cry. The only boy that I think will cry would be Brice or Pat. I also do think that every girl in our class is going to cry. I think that seventh and eighth grade are the best two years of being at Holy Cross School, because you get to go to the middle school dances and you have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people who you can become good friends with. I made many friends last year at the dances. My favorite dance last year was probably the one at Notre Dame because they had tons of candy and food. My favorite one this year was the graduation dance which we had last week in the Parish Hall. It was my favorite out of both years because we got to invite people. I am very curious to see what our graduation will be like next Thursday. I have no clue what it will be like because last year I did not get to go to graduation because I had a basketball tournament in Reno, Nevada. This is my tenth year here at Holy Cross and I have enjoyed every day of it. I have made such good friends that I can hopefully remain friends with in high school and beyond. The best thing about Holy Cross over the past ten years the best thing about coming to Holy Cross has been hanging out with my best friends everyday. Over the past ten years, I think my friends and I have spent about a whole year’s worth of time together if not longer. That is the thing I will miss most about not going to Holy Cross next year. I strongly hope I can remain friends with everyone. After looking back on my years at Holy Cross, it was a major success.


What do you think?

NBA Season is around the corner! Who do you think will win MVP? And which team will win the Finals??

New Videos!

I will be posting new mixtapes of high school, college, and NBA players! So keep checking for new posts!

Here is Lebron James’ official mixtape of the lockout presented by Hoopmixtape!

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